Driven by our focus of meeting customer needs and exceeding their expectations, Caribbean Lifts has become known for providing top-of-the line products along with efficient and personalized service. Our product range consists of passenger lifts, escalators and service lifts. Through this we are able to accommodate varying requests, from compact lifts for small residential buildings and homes to greater capacity lifts for large commercial buildings. In addition, our service and goods lifts are well-suited for restaurants, hotels and other businesses, particularly within the entertainment, hospitality and construction industries.

Passenger Elevators
S3300AP Traction Elevator
S5400AP Traction Elevator
S6300 Traction Elevator
S400A Traction Elevator
S330A Hydraulic Elevator
Daldoss Compact Lift “Easylife”
Daldoss Residential Lift “Level”

Escalators & Moving Walks
S9300 Escalator
S9500 Moving Walk

Service Elevators
Daldoss Service Lift “Microlift”
Daldoss Goods Lift “Microfreight”